The Hairless Variety

A lot of people think that Chinese Crested Dogs are created by human race and they created them naked. As a matter of fact naked dogs existed in nature and people only shaped them later according to their preferences.

Chinese Crested Dogs are believed to develop from African hairless dogs. Salesman traded with them and this way they got to the ancient ports everywhere in the world. Chinese people prefered the smaller dogs so they started to breed African dogs selectively for reducing the size and traded with these smaller ones later. Explorers found these dogs in ports throughout Central and South America as well as African and Asian cities in the 1500s.

However the name of the breed is Chinese Crested Dog Chinese people don't have a lot to do with the modern look of the breed. In the 1920s Debora Wood founded the first Chinese Crested kennel called "Crest Heaven" and started to breed consciously and recorded the lines in America. The famous stripper Gypsy Rose Lee also bred CCs after she got a dog from the shelter. The breed enchanted her so much that she started to breed. These two lines are the origin of the modern Chinese Crested Dogs. In 1978 the American Chinese Crested Club was established and became the part of the American kennel club which gives the original standard of the breed. The Chinese Crested was officially recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1987 and follows the English standard.

About genetics. The Hairless allele (H) is a dominant trait at CCs, while the Powderpuff allele (h) acts as a simple recessive trait. It does not matter if we put together a Hl variety with a Puff or two Hl dogs there will be both Hl and Puff puppies in the litter, however, the rates are different. If we put two Hairless dogs (Hh) together 25 % of the pups receive two copies of the Hairless allele (HH)(homozygous prenatal lethal). They will never develop into puppies. Moreover there will be 50 % (Hh) Hairless pups and 25 % (hh) Powderpuffs. There is no proof that a Hairless pup would die because of the lethal HH gene, however, earlier the death of a Hl pup was often connected to the presence of this gene.

If you mate a Hairless (Hh) to a Puff (hh) the 50 % of the pups will be Hairless (Hh) and the other 50 % will be Puffs (hh):

h Hhhh

If you mate two Hairless together:



Any colour can be accepted.


Their skin is really fine grained, smooth, warm to the touch. The care is equal to the care of the human skin. A weekly bath is neccesary. In summer the skin has to be protected against sunburn.

The coat texture on both varieties is soft, silky and straight of moderate density and length. Thick, heavy, curly or kinky coats are not acceptable.

The Hairless dogs are divided into three groups according to the hairlessness. Since the three groups are not defined in the standard only in common language personal experience and subjectivity also play a role to draft them.
True Hairless dogs, real naked ones, have hair only on their heads, legs and tails. They have no hair on their bodies.

Medium Hairless dogs have hair on their body as well, especially on their legs and backs, but the belly and the sides of the dogs are hairless.

In the classical sense the Hairy Hairless dogs are the most hairy ones, although they have no hair on their bellies and sometimes sides. It is easy to see at the first sight that it is still a hairless dog! Many people like to show them because they are the most flashy in the ring, though they are the most difficult to prepare for a dog show. In order to look good they need a lot of grooming,therefore those people should only choose this variety if they don't mind the extra work involved. The Hairy Hairless dogs need to be shaved almost on their whole body and most of the time their skin does not respond to it very well.

Today the Hairy Hairless dogs are so hairy on their whole body that it is really difficult even for the breeders to decide if it is a Hairless dog or the Powderpuff variety. Chinese Crested is originally a hairless breed! Therefore too much hair could be considered the same fault like poor dentition or only one testicle, because these dogs carry on their undesirable genes in the offsprings! These dogs ruin the basic concept of the breed and none of the breeders should have the aim to deprive the 'essence' of the breed 'the naked reality "!

All that glitters is not gold!

Due to the desire of winning at the dogs shows many people shave their puffs! This is not only unethical and misleading of people but it is a total destruction of the breed. Since PowderPuff dogs do not have Hairless allele they won't have any Hairless offspring! Therefore those people cheat themselves as well who shave their Puffs to look like the HL variety.

Unfortunately those people who buy a shaved Puff neither do anything nor admit that they bought a Hairless dog. They do not complain to the breeders and they don't destroy the reputation of those breeders who resort to such a petty thing hoping that their PowderPuffs can get more attention at the dog shows and advantage to win causing the breed more damage. I think with this step the breed reached a low point, proving that many breeders don't work on the improvement of the breed but they seek any possible solution to reach success in the show ring. The money-hungry, careerist attitude greatly impaired people's perception of what breeders are and then there is no wonder that customers increasingly turn towards the puppy farmers and have a bad opinion on us, breeders.

What can we do if we are not convinced that we buy a HL dog?

First of all, do not go into a business if you are not sure that you buy a HL dog. I think you can expect to get what you ask for your money! You can ask the breeder to let the hair grow on the dog and don't shave it so that the amount of body hair is visible.

What can you do if you, as a breeder, cannot decide that your puppy is a Hairless dog or a PowderPuff?

At the University of Bern, in Switzerland, they have been engaged to research the HL gene. Currently they are examining what HL gene is linked to and how it is inherited. They can diagnose from the dogs' DNA that they are Hairless or Puffs. However it doesn't make much sense to test a dog which looks like a PowderPuff to prove it is a Hairless dog because the excessive hair on a dog is the same fault as any other fault which excludes a dog from breeding. Such dogs are better not to breed with and breeders should sell them to pet homes.

Here are some pictures. It can be visible that even Powderpuff pups are born with less hair on their tummy, however they have more and more hair on it with time and it becomes clear that they are Puff puppies. Many people interpret this nakedness incorrectly and state that their pups are Hairless ones.


The Hairless mouth is different from that of a Powderpuff. The teeth of the Hairless variety differ in shape from those in a normal mouth. The canines are conical and point forward; they are referred to as tusks. This is a characteristic which applies to both good and bad "Hairless" mouths. The shape of the incisors can vary considerably. Some are no more than little pegs protruding from the gums. Others are almost normal. Sometimes a full complement of narrow "pegs" can look as though they have been thrown in haphazardly. The number of teeth present can also vary. In the worst example, many may be missing, having never been present at all. Occasionally, milk teeth which showed great promise are not replaced with adult teeth; and where milk teeth have been missing, adult teeth can appear! The teeth that are present can be poorly rooted. For example, incisors may point forward like tusks, but they will certainly fall out at an early age. Pre-molars will be missing from the Hairless variety - one, two, or maybe all of them. Even a good Hairless mouth may be without first and second pre-molars, and this should be accepted as normal. Tusks and missing pre-molars are not mentioned in the Standard, but these characteristics should be acknowledged as typical of the Hairless mouth.


Large and erect, except in PowderPuffs where drop ears are permissible. The ears can be shaved, without fringe.

But we can leave the hair on the ears as well, with fringe.


Extreme hare foot, narrow and very long, with unique elongation of small bones between joints, especially in forefeet, which almost appear to possess an extra joint.

Extreme hare foot:

Some beliefs about Chinese Crested Dogs

"CCs don't pant because they sweat on their skin"

Chinese Crested pant like any other dogs but they tolerate heat better than the coated dogs :)

"You cannot breed two Hairless dogs together because the offsprings won't be strong enough and they will have a lot of abnormalities."

we need Powderpuff because of a totally different cause. In old times Hairless dogs did not have good anatomy and the gene pool was limited so they involed other dogs and breeds like poodles into the breeding. They also wanted to improve the Hairless teeth with involving Powderpuffs. IMO it depends on the line more. Overall the aim was to improve the breed. Today it is not a sin to mate two Hairless dogs together, however, we do not have to forget about the Powderpuff variety because with these dogs the genetic stock of the breed is much greater. :)

"CCs are fragile dogs.

CCs are the same dogs like any other toy dogs. They are suitable for dog sports and being therapy dogs. :)

"They have to be dressed constantly because they catch cold"

It is obvious that in winter and in cold weather they need clothes but in the warm part of the year they are happy without them. :) Dressing has become a fad for many people because who could resist a little cute coat with bows or a cool hoody polo.:) However, the primary purpose of clothing is to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

In the pictures you can see our dogs and offsprings, as well as dogs from the Bionity kennel. Thanks Darija for the pictures! :)

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