Newbourne Go For Goldclear clear normal 06.2009
normal 07.2014
Sherabill Playboy---0/0
Sherabill Jezabeel-clear normal 06.2009 0/0
Erand Baileys Creamdad is clear clear by parentage normal 07.2014 -
Erand Captain Cute Faceclear clear - 0/0

A LitterDogPrcd/PRAPLLCERFPatellaOther
20.08.2007Erand Admire The Sire-mum is clear --neutered
Erand Amazing Man After Shave---neutered
Erand Alice In Wonderland-normal 12.2008
dry eye Schirmer test 24mm/10mm
Erand Access To Success---
Erand Albert Einstein---

B LitterDogPrcd/PRAPLLCERFPatellaOther
20.08.2009Erand Belly Dancerdad is clear clear by parentage --
Erand Baileys Creamnormal 07.2014 -
Erand Black Man In Black--BH1

C LitterDogPrcd/PRAPLLCERFPatellaOther
08.05.2010Erand Captain Cute Faceclear clear -0/0
Erand Captain Cuddle A Noodle----Died (2013)

D LitterDogPrcd/PRAPLLCERFPatella
02.06.2013Erand Crest Dream Girldad is clear clear by parentage --
Erand Crest Dream Comes True--